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About Us


S.T.O.N.S. Transportation was founded by ED and his sister in 2014. Our organization is run by family and employees with Special Needs. So we know how to treat clients with Special Needs because we are Special Needs too. This why we cater to People with Special Needs, Disable) Elderly, Veterans, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, such as Wheelchairs, Walker or any other Special Equipment. S.T.O.N.S. Transportation Services is dedicated to providing reliable, professional, and caring ambulette paratransportation services for people with Special Needs. We want you to feel at home when you travel with us. Without any discomfort or limitations. We are for short trip or long distance trip. Let us know your likes and needs. Also what you don't like or want.

We offer everyone the means to get anywhere in the continental United States, even if they been home- bound for months, or even years. S.T.O.N.S. Transportation Services strives to take the stress out of stressful situations.

Our fleet of new, top of the line ambulette vans can accommodate any type of travel requirements: wheelchairs, recliners, extra wide, motorized, and non-emergency stretchers.

We are a caring non- emergency medical and leisure transportation service for Special Needs (Disabled) citizens. With S.T.O.N.S. Transportation Services there is no such thing as "home-bound". We specialize in carry down service and we will get you down those stairs with dignity, and respect even if you cannot walk. We are here to get you wherever you need to go easily, efficiently, and comfortably as we can. You have our promise.

Our Mission

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Our Mission is to provide exemplary wheelchair accessible, paratransportation, and ambulette services to our clients. We strive to set the bar with our reliability, exceptional service, and quality fleet of ambulette vehicles that go the extra mile.

We are determined that our Clients see S.T.O.N.S. Transportation Services as more than a wheelchair-accessible transportation or ambulette service to keep doctors' appointments. We want you to see us as a means of independence, mobility, and self respect for disabled and "home bound" patients. We specialize in carry down service so we can get you down those stairs and out your home with dignity and respect... even if you cannot walk. Our ambulettes are here to get you wherever you need to go easily, efficiently, and comfortably.

We want to make your experience with us and pleasant one by providing you with the highest quality assistance.