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Free Transportation Service


Special Transportation Outreach Needs Services (S.T.O.N.S.)

Services Provide For Special Needs & Senior Citizens that aren't mobile

S.T.O.N.S. Transportation Services provide free specialized transportation for the frail Elderly & Special Needs (Disabled) Operating in New York, New Bern, N.C.

Jacksonville, N.C. Columbia, S.C. Louisa Va. S.T.O.N.S. Transportation Services provides a broad range of non-emergency transportation and ambulette services.

S.T.O.N.S. Transportation Services provides local & long distance ambulette transportation service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,, and often with just 30 minutes notice.

With S.T.O.N.S. Transportation there is no such thing as "home-bound".

We specialize in carry down services and we will get you down those stairs, with dignity, and respect. Even if you can't walk.

Our drivers are trained to operate specialized booms and will get you into our ambulette & wherever you need or want to go as easily, efficiently, and comfortably as we can. You have our promise' we provide service to Doctor's office, Airports, Train stations.Hospitals, Holiday visits, Family occasions ( events) Stadiums, Theaters, Restaurants, Hotels, Excursions and more. We can accommodate any type of travel requirements:

Motorized Wheelchairs, Recliners, Non-emergency stretchers, Wheelchairs: Extra Wide Wheelchairs, Standard Wheelchairs. We also provide Wheelchairs.

Our Fully Equipped Fleet Includes:

  • Air Conditioned Vans
  • Dot Certified Vehicles (vehicles inspected by the DOT every six months)
  • GPS Tracking Systems
  • Hydraulic/High Top

CALL US: 347-371-3301

To make your trip more enjoyable and entertaining, we provide TV/DVD sets in our vehicles. All of our Vehicle are equipped with Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and are in constant contact with the base. In addition to the driver we can provide an assistant to take care of all needs at rest areas and comfort stations

We have developed the company culture around a professional and caring attitude. Customer service representatives are very knowledgeable in the field of long distance handicapped transportation and they do their best to answer any questions you have about our handicapped transportation services.

Long distance customer service representatives are there to ensure that all transportation details are considered and planned out well before we arrive to transport the handicapped individual. Their experience and understanding attitude makes our transportation services flexible and responsive to the various needs of most any handicapped person.

We understand that a handicap can present various challenges when planning to travel or relocate. This is especially the case when planning transportation for a handicapped individual over a long distance. We relive these challenges for you by offering safe, comfortable, and affordable transportation. That is why we employ personnel who have training for working with special needs and disable. S.T.O.N.S. have extensive experience in assisting many different types of handicaps.

S.T.O.N.S. offers you the convenient option of having your vehicle and driver wait while you attend your appointment, eliminating the need for lengthy downtime spent waiting on your van to return.

Our experienced drivers are specially trained to service passengers with physical challenges, expertly boarding and unboarding clients and mobility equipment with respect, courtesy and personal care.

On Demand

Being Special Needs or Elderly doesn’t change who you are. S.T.O.N.S. Transportation is here to get you where you need to be with our New On Demand App. Just click on it and the nearest S.T.O.N.S. Transportation van will pick you up. We know things come up and you need to go. We are here to get you there.

Frequently Asked Questions

You'll find answers to the most frequent questions visitors ask about our services here. If your question is not answered on this page, please contact us.

  • How do I reserve an ambulette?
  • To schedule an ambulette pick-up, please fill out our contact form or call us at 347-371-3301.

    Please remember to gather your origin and destination addresses and phone numbers before calling us.

  • When should I call to reserve an ambulette?
  • Of course it is best that you schedule your ambulette as soon as you know you will require one, however, S.T.O.N.S. Transportation Services operators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays to reserve, schedule, and confirm your travel plans. Our reservationists will work with you and make every effort to serve your needs up to 30 minutes before pick-up.

  • What are your days and hours of services?
  • S.T.O.N.S. Transportation Services is available to service all of your transportation and ambulette needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

  • What is the service area?
  • S.T.O.N.S. Transportation Services specialize in services throughout the United States, we can accommodate our clients anywhere we you need to go.

  • S.T.O.N.S. Transportation Services offers "Carry-Down Service," what does that mean?
  • We specialize in carry down service, and we will get you down those stairs with dignity, and respect. Our efficiently, and comfortably as we can.

  • Can my caregiver accompany me in one of your vans?
  • A caregiver, a personal care attendant or family member can accompany you on your ambulette trip. We can accommodate up 5 family members/companions.

  • How do I cancel my ambulette?
  • Just call us at (347-371-3301) the minimum notice required is 30 minutes.

  • I own an extra-wide wheelchair, can your ambulette accommodate me?
  • Absolutely! S.T.O.N.S. Transportation Services is able to handle a variety of specialized equipment and wheelchairs, just let one of our operators know about your special needs.

  • I do not own a wheelchair, however I require one at this time, what do I do?
  • We will gladly provide you with a wheelchair, just let our operator know.